Leadership Team




Ffredyredy & Mabel Melendez… are your warm and welcoming leaders and administrators at the Hearts In Action Missions Headquarters, The Ranch,  in Peten, Guatemala. They are missionaries from El Salvador, and their hearts’ desire is to see children know Christ and for their lives to be changed. Above all, they love sharing God’s Word, and any ordinary day at the ranch affords them many opportunities to do so. Managing the Ranch requires wearing many hats and changing them often. These two go from dawn till dark responding to the demands and responsibilities of overseeing a thriving jungle school, Bible institute, vocational classes, a variety of local and international events, medical and dental clinics, construction projects, feeding programs, missions outreaches, an adventure camp, and more…whew!  At the same time, they enjoy parenting their son Joshua. Yet within this blur of activity, Fredy and Mabel minister peace to people and serve with a smile, maintaining an air of calm, like the jungle itself, that blesses all who come. Contact them at fredy@heartsinaction.org, mabel@heartsinaction.org



anahectorAna & Hector España ... Ana is the Missions and P.I.E.S. coordinator at Hearts in Action headquarters in Peten. Talk about a capable young woman… she started at 19 years old as HIA’s administrative bilingual secretary in Guatemala city and then progressed over the years to guide major decisions on the jungle Ranch, headquarters for Central American operations. It ‘s a joy watching her grow and tackle new and difficult assignments. Ana glides with the Lord’s grace on her life. The bigger the challenge in missions and ministry, the more she shines! An early indicator of her character was when she left her city home and salary and asked to become a missionary.

She moved to the jungle where she promptly met and married Hector, the awesome Corazones cabinet maker! These two make a powerful duo teaching and using their gifts to help many young people. Ana loves children. She is characterized by a spirit of excellence and personal integrity. If you would like to plan a missions trip with HIA to do some exciting evangelistic work, medical missions or to help on one of the construction projects,  Ana is the girl to contact! She can be reached at < missions@heartsinaction.org > <pies@heartsinaction.org >


The Hearts TeamJesica Paredes ... Her full name is Carolina Paredes de Gonzales. That means she is married to Mr Gonzales and this is her heart statement: Im his and he`s mine and thats how I feel about Jesus too. Born in December 7 of 1977,  full time mom with 2 precious children plus the thousands she ministers to. Jesica joined the Hearts in Action team in 2009, first as a volunteer for the Festival of Values sharing in public schools and that same year she took the intensive training course called "To The Great Commission¨. Her recount is: It filled me with even more passion for the things of God. In 2010 she made steps towards becoming a missionary and a year later stepped into deeper waters, going full time for the Lord. Today she is the coordinator at the HIA city office in Villa Nueva. Her teams do lots of outreach to over 40 schools sharing God`s Word in exciting ways. She enjoys teaching teachers in our creative workshops too. These seminars are called¨ Passing the Torch ¨because the purpose is for the love of God to spread like fire in the hearts of young people. As a leader in Hearts in Action she is committed to doing all she can for the next generation to know Christ and do the greater works he said we will do.





Tom tom& Kim Roof… lead the South American base of Hearts In Action in Lima, Peru, with a burning passion for Christ and to see His gospel proclaimed in the nations. They say, "It is such a joy to see this new generation of children and youth loving Jesus with all their hearts. We love doing what we are doing. Our God is awesome, and Jesus gave His all for us, so we are giving Him our best!"  Over the years they have had many opportunities to serve God as directors of a Bible College, childrens’ pastors, and workers on community development projects, mission trips, evangelistic events and teachers’ trainings. They are currently pastoring the growing church of Corazones en Accion (Hearts in Action) in the area of Cieneguilla, on the outskirts of Lima, where they continue to assist families in fulfilling their God-given purpose. They are honored to have their two wonderful children, Daniel and Charity, serving beside them in ministry.


Los BowersPaul & Alida Bowers ... count it an honor and a privilege to be missionaries with Hearts in Action as they "go into all the world" to preach what God has done for us through Jesus.  They have served God together in many areas over the years from guiding missions groups and young interns, overseeing and administrating Camp Tikva (which received church groups, missions groups, and served as a base for different trainings), and directing a Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for abused and neglected kids, since 2007.  They currently also serve as assistant pastors with Hearts in Action Church Peru.  Paul, a missionary with HIA since 2005, came to know Hearts in Action through a missions trip his church took back in 2002.  He served in the internship program for 6 months before coming on staff as a full time Hearts in Action missionary.  Paul helps with the technological side of things as well as the administrative.  He also teaches from time to time.  Alida, who met Paul as a Hearts in Action translator on Paul’s trip, has been faithfully serving at HIA Peru since it was founded.  She has served as children’s church director, teacher, lead a womens group, and has coordinated several events and festivals.  She is an excellent teacher and administrator.  Paul and Alida have two young sons – Joshua (4 years old) and Noah (4 months old).






elenaElena Soto ... is a full-time missionary from Costa Rica who first sensed a calling to missions at age six.  At eleven, she recalls giving her heart to Jesus and has been following in His footsteps ever since.  She directed a television program for children for three years, during which time she attended Hearts in Action’s “To The Great Commission” seminar in 1996.  A few years later, she joined the HIA team, and has worked faithfully in many areas of service for over 15 years.


Elena played a key role in opening the jungle base in Peten, Guatemala, where she served as director for five years.  She has traveled with the founders, assisting with several trainings in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, and Costa Rica.  Today, she serves as director at HIA in Bogota, Colombia, desiring for every child to be touched and rescued by the love of Jesus. Asked why she is devoted to her work, Elena replied, “When I hear the stories and the pain of men and women, I realize the privilege of knowing Jesus as a child and how His protection avoids scars on our hearts, and this is what I want for the children… that they grow up happy, loved and loving, with opportunities to live holy lives.  We need to continue empowering parents and leaders of children with God’s vision for them because I believe firmly that they are the generation who will receive Jesus in His second coming.”