Beautiful Reforestation Project

Join The Jungle Schools “ green initiative “ planting trees to provide oxygen, soil preservation, and a future wood supply. The trees also serve for nutritional purposes, shade and habitats for many kinds of wildlife. Too much of the earth’s rainforests have been lost to senseless human devastation and fires. You can help replenish and replant today! 16,000 sapling trees are waiting to be planted in 2013. For just $2.00 a tree you can be a part of turning wastelands into productive forests again.  Moringa is just one of the amazing trees that HIA is planting with your help. Every part of this healing tree is useful and rich in health benefits, vitamins and minerals. Moringa offers a myriad of medicinal uses and has a high nutritional impact. The dried ground leaves of this tree are known worldwide to prevent malnutrition and better general health. Students at TJS will benefit from the moringa leaves being added to their diet as well as children in the feeding programs in surrounding villages. The moringa is just one of the reforestation trees types being planted.   Others include, cedar, mahogany and melina.

Students & Community
$ 32,000.00 --- PROJECT COMPLETED!