Instruments to Build the Band

The Jungle School marching Band is hitting a high note playing music that fills the air with hope. This young band of high school students from San Andres, Peten in northern Guatemala are on a winning streak taking third place in local, district and regional competitions. After only one year since their inception this dynamic band is leaving the villages talking as they head for a national competition. Their big challenge now is that they need more instruments.  All of the band members come from very poor families, they are all trusting the Lord and the generous hearts of people like yourself to make their dreams come true. The instrument list is as follows:  10 TRUMPETS, 10 SAXAPHONES, 10 TROMBONES, 5 CLARINETS, 5 FLUTE, 5 SOUNDING BOARDS, 5 XYLOPHONES and 1 TUBA.

The band
$ 12,465.00