Victoriosos/Kid Venture


Can a short children's outreaches featuring a variety of fun activities make a significant spiritual impact?  You better believe it!  The answer is a resounding 'yes' according to findings of the respected Barna research group.


The Hearts in Action team is seeing proof of this reality  week after week as children attending the Bible clubs in private schools throughout Guatemala City and in far off jungle villages are discovering that they want to follow Christ.  As a result of these weekly programs the children are learning valuable lessons for living. The fruit from these clubs is lasting through the years.  Many teens who attended clubs as children are now coming back volunteering to help the mission.

Club Victoriosos is a weekly after-school Bible Club enhancing the lives of children through the knowledge of God’s Word.  Clubs are multiplying in public and private schools, and as kids grow they are staying connected and giving back.