Share your time and passion with us.

However you choose to connect, from volunteering in the jungle to hand-writing notes or leading a workshop your participation at Hearts In Action is welcome.

Mission teams
global apprentice

Share your time and passion with us.

We love hosting people and have accommodations for groups of all sizes. We can accommodate your company, church or group from 1 week to 1 month or more. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, enim ac quis lectus in, pharetra lorem sodales metus tortor, risus duis magnis magna lacus convallis, quis wisi et, volutpat pretium.

mission teams
Global apprentice
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Our Ranch in the Mayan biosphere is one of the most beautiful sites on Earth, surrounded by exotic jungles, ancient ruins, gorgeous lake Itza and so much more. If you are looking for your next vacation or retreat, look no further! We love hosting and have accommodations for groups of all sizes. We can accommodate your company, church or private group from 1 week to 1 month or more, and have itineraries that will suit all of your needs. From weaving classes to daily treks to birdwatching, we have you covered!

Mission Teams

Are you as a church member feeling called to serve in a ministry where you can utilize your diverse skills to help others? Then, we have a place for you here in Guatemala. We love hosting mission teams and you will have many opportunities to evangelize, do medical/dental clinics or construction projects and best of all, times to interact with local children at The Jungle School. Get your hearts in action, bring your family, friends and discover the joys of serving in a new and different culture.

Global Apprentice

Do you feel called to live a life of service for the Creator by helping others? Do you want to use your skills, time and abilities to do something meaningful for families in the Peten? If so, please write us and tell us more about yourself and your passion. We are looking for year long apprentices who want to move to the Jungle and help us further our mission to create educational and employment programs for our community and to conserve the Mayan Biosphere. Please contact us if you would like to get involved!


With our beautiful eco lodge, dining facilities, strategic location to Lake Itza and myriad of fun and educational activities for children and adults of all ages, we are the perfect location for your next week long retreat, camp, family or birding adventure. From trekking in the jungle to workshops and everything in between, we can provide whatever it is you need to make the most of your time on site in the Mayan Biosphere.

Please contact our trip coordinator to better understand your needs and develop a customized program just for you!

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